Real Orgasms – What are they?

Real orgasms are the orgasms you’d see if your girlfriend or wife was to masturbate in front you, or ride you cowgirl style and grind herself to a mindshattering orgasm. There is so much porn out there showing fake orgasms – and the worst thing is they think we can’t tell! Real orgasms are a beautiful thing, and nothing, I repeat, nothing, is as sexy as watching a woman get herself off.

How do you tell a Real Orgasm?

There are a number of telltale signs you can use to tell if an orgasm is real. Of course, every woman is unique, and their orgasms are all a little bit different, but generally, unless you have an extremely easily orgasmic woman on your hands, these are some general signs that she is having a real orgasm:


Unlike men, most women find it difficult to orgasm. It takes longer and requires a little more concentration than most men. She’ll need to relax, take her time, and focus on the pleasurable sensations – if she rubs her clit or g-spot a few times and cums in seconds, it’s pretty unlikely it’s real – unless she is easily orgasmic or really really turned on.

girl masturbating to real orgasm
Girl concentrating as she masturbates to a real orgasm

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Breathing, heart rate, moaning, and other involuntary responses

If she is really aroused and her orgasm is real, her breathing will get heavier, her heartrate will increase, her moans will be involuntary gasps (not load moans or lots of talking), her body will arch, her face will contort, and she may shudder with delight. The key word here is ‘involuntary’ – it his hard to generalise on physical reactions – but if the response is something she can’t control (as opposed to a forced reaction) – then chances are she is well on her way to a completely authentic, 100% real orgasm. She might be able to mutter a quick “I’m gonna cum” or “yes yes”, but anything much more is a sign she’s not experiencing a real orgasm.

Example of involuntary orgasm responses, thanks to Beautiful Agony


Dilated pupils

This might be a little hard to see in lots of porn videos featuring real orgasms, but enlarged pupils is a sign her orgasm is real.

Red lips, both on the mouth and on the pussy

During arousal, both sets of lips engorge and full with blood, and may turn a redder shade than normal. This is why of course red lipstick is so popular!

Vaginal mucsle spasms

Another involuntary reaction is the contraction of her vaginal muscles. This again a little hard to tell on porn videos, but the speculum orgasm videos at Female Orgasm World show these orgasmic vaginal contractions very clearly!

woman having a real orgasm

Woman experiencing joys of a real orgasm

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Erect nipples

During arousal and a real orgasm, her nipples will get hard (click here for some videos demonstrating erect nipples during orgasm) . This is virtually impossible to fake, and erect nipples almost guarantee she is turned on.

The ‘real orgasm’ flush

During a real orgasm, it is likely her face and chest will flush as the blood rushs to her head. This occurs more noticeably on some women than others, but it something to watch out for.
Play Video Trailer of examples of girls having real orgasms



Squirting (though not always)

Only 35% to 50% of women have experienced some form of female ejaculation at orgasm – and not every time. So this isn’t a guaranteed way of telling if an orgasm is geniune (as it can be real with no squirting), but if there is squirting, it is almost certain to be a real orgasm. Some porn stars fake this by peeing instead of squirting however, so it’s not always a guarantee it’s a real orgasm.

The afterglow

The comedown after the orgasm is one surefire way of telling if an orgasm was real. After an orgasm, she’s going to want a few moments to lie in bliss and enjoy herself. Her clitoris will become sensitive, so extra stimuation will become ticklish or irritating rather than arousing, and she might be giggly. If she shows minimal reaction and is up out of bed and on to the next thing, it’s unlikely it was a real orgasm. A real orgasm is of course a intensely pleasurely experience, and the afterglow is another involuntary response to look for.

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